Helen Ballard and The Fall Creek Ten Saddle-up for Helsinki

As Westerns return to favour with global moviegoers, Galluzzo & Chatterton’s Helen Ballard and The Fall Creek Ten gets corralled by Focal and Creative Europe’s Production Value 2015 in Helsinki. Over four weeks a seasoned crew of Senior AD’s, Line Producers and VFX Supervisors will guide a dedicated team selected by Focal to breakdown, budget and schedule the Action Western for a Canadian / Euro Co-production in the $10M budget range.

The time, effort and skill of the participants will be invaluable for development and pre-production.

The senior advisors bring a wealth of experience from such films as V for Vendetta, The Queen, The Grand Budapest Hotel, From Rome with Love and Mary, Queen of Scots.

Of the 18 projects taken up during the last four editions of Production Value, 5 have been shot so far. We aim to up that record in the near future.

Production Value is supported by Focal Resource (Netherlands), Creative  Europe, The Swedish Film Institute, The Austrian Film Institute, The Norwegian Film Institute and The Finnish Film Foundation.