Introducing Our Other Leading Lady – The Mary Alice

Production Designer Frank Walsh (Inception, Maleficent, Game of Thrones) has blown us away with his ingenious vision of The Engineer’s ship The Mary Alice.

Based on an old Russian Antonov cargo plane and modified for long-haul space journeys, the Mary Alice can hold a crew of 5 and three separate cargo pods of various shape and size.  Question is what exactly is she going to be smuggling?  And furthermore… why the hell is everyone after it!

The Mary Alice comes equipped with one life pod and has capacity to dock a second on her belly (of course!).

Interiors designs are currently underway so stayed tuned for updates.

Production Design by Frank Walsh
Illustrations by Romek Delmata (ship exterior and blueprints)
Copyright 2014 Dark Engine Limited, UK
Please do not copy or distribute without our written consent