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Loglines and pitches for recent screenplays

Movie Icon: DocumentPlease find a selection of new feature screenplays as well as a few that are under option, works for hire, sold or produced.

Helen Ballard and the Fall Creek Ten – Western Horror

Log Line: When a monster attacks the daughter of an Old West land baron, the ten best hunters in the world are gathered to slay the beast.

Pitch: The Wild Bunch meets The Thing. CLICK TO READ Blacklist Review

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Prisoner’s Dilemma – Sci-Fi Thriller

Log Line: The distant future.  A long, bloody war is coming to a close. Rumor has it, a package is being smuggled out of the occupied-zone by a group of gangsters.  Only one guy can do it. The Engineer. He’s given two rules: Don’t breathe on the cargo. Don’t deviate from the plan. All goes well until he receives a distress signal from a life-pod. He breaks the rules. He rescues the pod. Inside are two badly beaten women, a half-dead soldier and a whole world of trouble.

Pitch: Body Heat meets Dead Calm in space.

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Dirty Little Secrets – Comedy

Log Line: A group of 30-somethings honour a mate’s dying wish and go on a weeklong canal boating trip in Wales to scatter his ashes. But with four guys, four girls and a very small boat this task is easier said than done.

Pitch: The Big Chill meets The Breakfast Club on a canal-boat.

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Storm Warriors – The True Story of Captain Iron Abel Belenga – Historical Action

Log Line: At the end of the age of sail, Coast Guard Captain ‘Iron’ Abel Belenga battles to save the lives of shipwrecked passengers, while dealing with a heartbreaking family trauma. Based on a true story. Titanic meets The Perfect Storm.

Pitch: Titanic meets The Perfect Storm. CLICK TO READ Blacklist Review

Out of Touch – Romantic Comedy

Log Line: A fish-out-of-water in the American Heartland, a cynical Brit falls for a beautiful Soccer-mom and agrees to coach her son’s (13) team, pulling them out of the cellar and becoming a tabloid sensation back in the UK.

Pitch: Bridget Jones’ Diary meets Bend It Like Beckham.

Kris Kringle – Action Hero – Family Adventure

Log Line: When Santa’s old nemesis, an evil horned beast known as The Krampus, unleashes psycho teddy bears inside Santa’s workshop, Santa must put down the nutmeg and pick up his hammer. Die Hard meets Gremlins in Santa’s Workshop. Live action. Not animation. Four quadrant with A-List Santa.

Pitch: Die Hard meets Gremlins in Santa’s Workshop. CLICK TO READ Blacklist Review

Closed Circuit – Thriller

Log Line: Kidnapped his wedding night, an ex-special forces soldier wakes up to find himself and his bride trapped on desolate island and at the mercy of an old enemy out for revenge.

Pitch: Old Boy meets Lost.

Devil’s Paradise – Teen Horror

Log Line: Fearing an ancient curse, a group of teens struggle to stop the reopening of an abandoned seaside carnival and save their town from destruction.

Pitch: Lost Boys meets Final Destination CLICK TO VIEW Key Art

Meter Man! – Comedy

Log Line: A screwball comedy about the trials and tribulations of a renegade parking enforcement officer – and self-styled Robin Hood – on a mission to save his girl and win back his garage in Venice Beach, California.

Pitch: Happy Gilmore meets Fast and the Furious on the mean streets of Venice.

The Wards – Urban Drama

Log Line: A youth struggles to break free from gang life in D.C.’s notorious Ward 8 in order to pursue his dream of competing as an Olympic boxer.

Pitch: Boyz in the Hood meets Rocky. CLICK TO WATCH Mood Reel


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