X-Men Stunt Coordinator, Jim Churchman re-teams with Galluzzo for 3rd Feature

A twenty-year veteran of the Hollywood Stunt game, Jim has worked on such films as X-Men, Iron Man, Die Hard, Underworld, In Time and Tron. He is now one of the busiest coordinators and riggers in the industry, working on sets all over the world from Canada to Namibia. In addition to performing and designing almost every stunt imaginable, Jim is also an skilled machinist and inventor whose patented Super Fly system has set the standard for big budget wire work.

Jim is a long time collaborator with director Mark Anthony Galluzzo, having coordinated the stunts on both Trash and RSVP. In addition Churchman and Galluzzo have also written two screenplays, including the acclaimed true story, Iron Abel. The two are thrilled to be re-teaming to tackle PD. 

Churchman’s most recent role is that of Stunt Coordinator for the $250M budgeted X-Men: Days of Future Past.